Phew, what a busy day but a great one! After church, my family and I headed out to Bolton to spend the afternoon celebrating the business and the babies of A Better Birth – it was an amazing afternoon of connecting with new friends and clients and meeting new and wonderful people and all their adorable babies. (Thanks, Holly!!!)

But you have to understand – sometimes events of any nature can really stress me out. Not stress as in sweaty-palms-feeling-sick stress. Stress in the way of ‘where-is-Lyla?-oh-there-she-is-quick-diaper-change-for-Lucia-pat-back-to-stop-crying-where’s-the-nearest-bathroom-kinda stress all while smiling and talking to friends like a regular adult, hoping that your child is not picking their nose, announcing to the world that they “have to go “POOOOOH!!” or lifting up their skirt to show to the world (and myself) that oops, mommy forgot to put underwear on Lyla this morning.

Thankfully, my hubby came along this afternoon and that always helps (sometimes) – even though we are still outnumbered. Seriously. I have NO idea how Jon & Kate + 8 do it. 

At one point during the event today, someone turned to me and said, “So, let’s get this straight. You have three little kids. You stay home. And you run your own business? How does that work? How do you do it?”

 I just smiled cooly and began to explain that, well, if it wasn’t for the help of my gracious mother-in-law and my (hmm, sometimes) supportive husband, it all works out okay everyone chips in to watch the ki– … oh, wait! What?! Where’s Lyla?! GONE AGAIN?!! Good GRIEF!!!

Quickly scour the room with my mommy eyes and try to locate the tricky three year old. Wonder where hubby went and why he didn’t have rambunctious three year old under control because didn’t he see, I was having an adult moment and conversation?! …

“Um, excuse me …. ,” I smiled calmly, “Er, I have to go look  run like a mad woman down the hallway and locate a missing child of mine … (who is no doubt sticking her stubby fingers into the delicious lines of icing on that beautiful cake up at the front of the room …)

Meanwhile, biggest L decides to have a meltdown because she wants the pink balloon, not the green one with the pink stick.

“Sit here and change your attitude,” I warned to Lacey, glaring and trying to send a signal with my mommy-eyes (again). I knew I shouldn’t have kept the kids out late last night … everyone’s tired, especially after a long morning at church …

Next, littlest L falls and smacks her poor sweet forehead on the hard gym floor … I go running to her side, scoop her up, hubby still talking to new friends in the corner, oblivious to our one year old’s screams of pain … rush back to the table where Biggest L is still sulking but slowly pulling out of her mood swings … oh wait, MAN ….. where is Lyla again?! 

 People wonder why I dress the girls alike – I tell ya. It is much easier to spot them in a crowd of little kids and keep me (mommy) eyes on them … usually. Not today.

All this being said,  I truly did have a BLAST this afternoon and loved hanging out with such a great group of people! You can really tell that Dawn & Holly are truly loved by their clients – what a great testimony of the work that they are doing!

On another note:

Lacey starts Sr. Kindergarten next week. I’m not sure what to do with myself. Do I cry? Do I cheer her on? Do I worry? One thing I am so very thankful for is the option to send our children to the local Christian school. It sure makes my heart feel that much lighter … 

And yet, I know my heart will still be oh so sad when she, my sweet firstborn daughter,  walks into that classroom, ready and eager for her first full year of school, all the while knowing that a chapter of our lives together has closed and a new one has begun. 

*gulp* I know she’s ready – but am I?



(Psst: that page layout is a sample from the new line of coffee table books being released with Gigi Photography this fall – pretty and cute, eh?)
Speaking of sweet ones, I have had some hard drive issues over the summer that meant a few photos were stuck in Never Never Land, including little Caleb’s …. well, good news. I got it fixed. And wanted to share his beautiful sweetness with the world (okay, well, not the world, as the entire world doesn’t read my blog, but well, share his cuteness with my faithful blog readers). 



Six-nine months old is an AMAZING age to have your baby’s photos done! They are sooo full of personality and super duper cute!




and … they can’t run away from me – yet.




I have just found out a few of my friends are expecting – I am so happy for them! My heart is full – now if only I could find something to fill my tummy ….


P.S. Don’t forget the CANVAS SALE!

March 13, 2010 - 6:50 pm

sharon Hi Gigi, wonderful images and wonderful post. I have 2 kids and sometimes I don’t know if I’ll make it through the day, let alone 3 kids (& another on the way:) AND a thriving business. You do inspire me and thank you for posting so honestly.. it gives me hope on “those” kinda says 🙂

August 30, 2009 - 10:47 pm

Mary Thanks for posting a preview of our baby boy! The pictures are fabulous! Will look forward to seeing more!

August 30, 2009 - 10:41 pm

Mich Wow..what a day for you and the fam!!! You really do make it look so easy and the fact that you can manage an adult conversation at all with 3 little ones running around should be praised. It amazes me how much you can accomplish in a day…much more than me…at least lately that is. I will definitely check out Holly’s site..forget filling your tummy with sweets…what not baby #4 and join the 2010 birth club…how wonderful would that be!! If anyone can do it, you can 🙂

August 30, 2009 - 10:17 pm

Sarah Oh Caleb is so darn cute!! Thanks for recovering his photos Gillian, I love him like my own!

August 30, 2009 - 9:54 pm

holly You make it all look easy and calm even when you’re stormin on the inside…I’m right there with ya girl, Zac sometimes feels like 3 toddlers in one! You and Abby do a great job with your girls and we so appreciate the effort it takes to come to an event like that. Hopefully you can pass us on to your expecting friends and we will of course pass you on to our new families! And thanks Rebecca 🙂

August 30, 2009 - 9:34 pm

Rebecca A Better Birth (Holly) was my strength when I was giving birth to my daughter 4 years ago…don’t think we would have made it through it as smoothly as we did without her. Nice to see local business women collaborating together – you go girls 🙂