Today, She’s Three!

Someone sweet had a lovely birthday today … just thought I’d share some quick photos of her playing in the driveway before we dressed up to go to my mom’s for a family get-together. Celebrating your three-year-old’s birthday is quite fun because everything pleases them – it is lovely. We had a nice birthday breakfast with homemade pancakes and homemade maple syrup and enjoyed a lovely family time.


Lavender, we love you dearly and are so grateful for the past three years of your life with us! What joy you have brought to our family!  I love the little freckles peeking out on your wee button nose and your squishy grin … and your dark hair and bright eyes – you are a true blessing to our family!








P.S. It has been quiet here on the blog and that is because lovely spring is bursting forth and there is much to do outdoors! Oh, blessed spring time! It is such a joyful and lovely season, even if it is a tad muddy around here. 😉 A few days of rain and I will be able to catch up on what I need to blog about.