Spring, Spring, Spring!

“When the barnyard is busy
in a regular tizzy, 
then the obvious reason
is because of the season …
spring, spring, spring!”
-Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

{flowers from a dear friend}

It’s definitely spring around our home lately…
(or as the girls have named our little spot – Rainbow Ridge).
The weather may not be that warm most days, but that has not discouraged the entrance of Mistress Spring.

From seedlings in the kitchen, to three levels of new new seedlings in the living room…

… to 50 chicks warming by the cozy fire  in the back room {trying to avoid using the heat lamp to save electricity and using the natural wood fire to warm them instead}…

… to newly purchased 3-week-young Polish chickens in the kitchen beside the cookstove {Lacey’s new babies}

…to {hopefully!} fertile eggs in the incubator in the dining room …. to a mamma duck sitting on her nest in the barnyard… our house is in overload spring mode!

To welcome spring, one must clean their windows, most definitely. Although they may look dirty already, we have already cleaned and scrubbed the windows (this house has a lot of windows!) with vinegar and newspaper. This is by far the cheapest, most effective way to clean windows, ladies. Do not be fooled into thinking fancy products will do the job. All you need is newspaper and vinegar spray.

Oh yes … and kittens!! We have kittens … adorable, fluffy kittens!

With spring here, hopefully, the vegetable garden will be started soon.

                         And, with lovely timing, school is nearing the end (the official school work, that is).

Spring is a beautiful season. A busy, busy season but a good one indeed. What are your spring plans?

P.S. Dandelions are starting to pop up! Take time to harvest them while you can for some wonderful herbal recipes!

April 28, 2016 - 8:12 pm

Brenda (Gigi’s Mom) I love Spring too! And you are definitely right … you have real Spring at your house!! Lovely pictures too. xoxo

April 28, 2016 - 5:52 pm

Sarah Oh, this post really brings a smile to my face! I love spring. : ) We just bought seven little Isa Brown chicks, but the photo of your daughter with the golden Polish chickens brought back memories. My sisters and I had golden and silver Polish chickens when we were about your daughter’s age. And your kittens! Oh my, so adorable!