Time for a {Doll} Tea

 “Is your home in order or are you rushing about?
I’m talking about the general sense of organization in your home, not the messy closet that needs cleaning.
Anger and impatience that stem from [doing too many] things, making children feel like they are an intrusion,
makes difficulty in finding fondness for your children. So ask yourself …
are my children the intrusion or is everything else the intrusion? Do you delight in your children?
Are you fond of your children?”

-Donna Otto


Earlier this year, the girls were reading through some Tasha Tudor books {which we adore} … in her books, Ms. Tudor describes some beautiful happenings she put together for her children. From Sparrow Post to doll-sized fall fairs, floating birthday cakes down rivers (oh, we want to try that!), her life as a mother was inspiring. One of my girls asked me why we do not do more tea parties together or do some of the “fun and wonderful” things that is portrayed in the Tasha Tudor books.

That particular question  made me stop and think – and it was, indeed, one reason we started up our Tea on Two on Tuesdays. My heart knows this life with the children all under one roof is bit a short season. However, if I am to be honest, putting together tea every week can just look like another job added to my to-do list. There are dishes to be washed afterwards, floor to swept and general tidying from our tea break – not to mention the baking that is required for the tea.

But when I think of such tasks, I am quickly reminded that it is indeed a task of love, a sacrifice of time {an investment, perhaps?}, hopefully, into the lives of six young women being raised in my care. There is nothing worse than having a hairy-fast-paced schedule that leaves me a stressed out, upset mother, rushing to and fro, dragging the children in and out of the vehicle and trying to manage the home all at the same time. In our home, slowing down – choosing to do less outside the home – fits hand in hand with taking time for tea.  It is an opportunity for me to bake with the little girls, teach the older girls and allow them to choose the menu for the week’s tea and then guide them to bake the goodies themselves. It is a sweet opportunity to slow down the afternoon and sit together and enjoy our company over sweet treats and hot tea. It is not another task just to be done — it is all part of being desiring to be a {happy} mother that delights in her children. And I hope it shows the girls that I am fond of them. It is not a chore to spend time together.


And being that it is Tuesday, this afternoon, we set the table for tea at 2…this week, we invited the dolls …

One of the older girls made name place cards and tiny menus, detailing what treats were to be served. The girls dressed up their dolls and finished up their hair sweetly.




The little girls helped make the Pink Velvet cupcakes this morning while the bigger girls were at music lessons.


Lacey made the mini apple pies with Lovelyn’s help …


Mini-tea pots are required at a doll tea party.


We try to read some poetry at the tea party, as well – this week, we read Nonsense Poems by Edward Lear.  [His poems are quite funny and gave us all a laugh as we read about the girl who played the harp with her long pointy chin! So silly!]


In one of the books we read, they served Sweetheart Pudding. Such a treat was requested and so we made it for the first time. The girls loved it (much like a custard pie, if there is such a thing).


To my joy, I have received a few emails from other moms who have joined in a Tea on Tuesdays at Two. If you have chosen a weekly two – or even if you have just done it once – I’d love to hear form you and maybe even see a picture of two …


Enjoy your tea break this afternoon!


P.S. The above quote was taken from a podcast from Homemakers by Choice. You can listen to Donna Otto’s teaching online. I have been greatly encouraged by many of her podcasts and appreciate her mentorship to younger, Christian mothers and wives.

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April 13, 2016 - 1:25 am

Mara Another wonderful post and a great reminder to slow down. You’re right though, it can be hard when it feels like there is always so much that needs attending to. I try to remind myself of this often. My children are little but these days will go by far too quickly. My house will then be empty and clean. Now is the time to embrace these moments. Embrace the toys on the floor and the sticky hands. Our children learn so much from moments such as tea time, and those moments are what life is all about.

April 12, 2016 - 4:31 pm

Tawnia It is daunting to add to an already busy schedule in a house full of children (4 girls of our own here!) but I am always inspired by your heartfelt posts, and encouraged that it is possible to mother a large group just as well as a small one. We will be joining you for Tuesday Tea at Two from this point forward as much as possible. All too often we put aside little things like this because there is so much to do…but these moments pass too quickly and one day my girls will be grown and I want fond memories, not regrets that I didn’t spend enough time with them.
Thank you for the reminder <3