Children’s {Multi-vitamin} Tea



For our Tea on Tuesdays at Two, Lyla and I decided to make our own kind of tea – a children’s multi-vitamin tea.

As Lyla mixed up the herbs, I told her what each herb would do for her body. It was a sweet addition to our afternoon tea party.


It is simple and easy to prepare if you have the herbs on hand.

Children’s Multi-Vitamin Tea Blend
Mix equal parts of the following:

Red raspberry leaf: contains iron, manganese which helps strengthen bones, calcium and magnesium {also helps to strengthen those young growing bones}

Oatstraw – contains chromium,  which is essential for regulating body sugar levels, and magnesium {helps those bones again!}

Rosehips – loaded with vitamin C {50% more than an orange!}, Vitamins A & E

Nettle – contains vitamins A & C, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium {maintains healthy blood pressure and aids in kidney health}

Peppermint – to sweeten the taste & calming to the tummy



We named our tea blend after Flopsy Bunny {we love Beatrix Potter stories!} … who had many, many bunnies that added to the delightful tales of the Beatrix Potter’s stories.


P.S. We drank our tea and ate muffins with strawberries and whipped cream while I read our read-aloud book – we are almost finished reading Corrie Ten Boom’s story, Keeper of the Angels Den. I have had to stop and gather my composure while reading of the dreadful happenings in the book. It is a heavy topic and a heart breaking story but a part of history that does need to be addressed. I’ll never forget reading her story as a young girl. May our courage to face such trials be so strong!


April 6, 2016 - 9:59 am

Sarah This tea sounds wonderful!! I am trying to introduce more herbal teas to my daughter (she is 18 months). Lately she has enjoyed drinking chamomile tea with honey.