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Contact …

The sense of beauty comes from early contact with nature. -Charlotte Mason     Our family went for a walk in the green, leafy woods today, visited our favorite Peaceful Spot … we spotted a beautiful young deer in the thicket, picked fresh daisies, fed the fish pieces of bread and watched them swim about […]

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How to Be Calm when You are not.

We’ve all been there … something happens, whether it is as small as multiple potty accidents on the floor from your toddler or as mundane as the washing machine breaking right when it seems your laundry pile is the biggest it has ever been … to something more incredibly turbulent such as an ill child […]

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The Original Newspaper.

“The clothesline was the original newspaper of the community.” ~ Erma Bombeck   {Isn’t that the truth?!} If there’s one daily task that I absolutely love doing … it’s hanging the laundry on the clothesline.     Truly! And I love using my laundry line … in fact, I haven’t used the dryer since last […]

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