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Cook with Wood {update}

  “If you’re going to do things the homesteading way, everything takes a little bit longer and so you plan. You have to plan to be there, to feed the fire, to keep it going. It’s another of those things – we’re so far removed from homesteading {life}, you just have to bite your lip […]

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One Month Old

        Today, Lazarus turns one month old! It has been absolutely DELIGHTFUL and joyous having him in our lives for the one month he has been here in our arms.   He’s the gruntiest baby we have had so I cannot say his ‘coos’, but his “grunts” are so cute … his […]

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Godmothers & Love

We have a true sweetie in our house – her name just completely suits her. Lovelyn (who is five) adores her baby brother. Today, she cried huge sobbing tears of sadness as we said goodbye to her precious godmother, Kate, who had been staying with us over the holidays. {How Kate managed to stay sane […]

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