Love, Do, Think.

“Be sure that your children each day have:

– something or someone to love

– something to do

 -something to think about.”

-Charlotte Mason

“Whether it be a cat, dog, rabbit or hamster, everybody needs something to love. There are opportunities for love in every home.

There are also many ways to provide services (labors of love) to others if you look for them.
By something to do, I mean, of course, something worthwhile to do.

A child staring passively at a television [or any screen] is not really doing anything worthwhile.
When our children complain, “There is nothing to do!”, they really mean, “Please amuse me.” Amusing oneself with idle pastimes all day is not really doing anything.

A little amusement is fine, but boredom will be transformed into real interest
when your children are given meaningful tasks of recreation and service.

When children are guided to seek after something to think about during their home life,
something to do,
something to love,
they will continue this habit throughout their lives. ”
– Karen Andreola
The Charlotte Mason Companion