Get Away.

We slipped away quietly as a family for our annual camping getaway this past week.


Well, it was quiet because I forgot what dates we booked and frantically found myself packing for seven people one day before we left for our seven day getaway. Oops.
But we made it. And I dare say, I probably packed way more than we needed.


We had an amazing time. Maybe I’ll post pictures … we certainly had a fantastic week together.


Now we’re home. Lovelyn is sick with a fever. The RV is finally unpacked. The girls are slowly getting rest after a fun-amazing-tiring week away. There are sessions to proof, babies to snuggle and grass to cut. Oh yes, and Alice the bunny escaped the morning we arrived home so we spent the morning trying to coax our Lady Alice out from under the deck … definitely never a dull moment around here.


But while we were gone, I met some amazing new friends. Inspiring, wonderful people. One woman in particular. Changed the way I look at homeschooling – and life – and all the adventures in between. My head is bursting with ideas and new thoughts.

If only I could stay up all night, I would get so much done … but I better rest in case tomorrow is a day of more fevers in our house …