A new Grandfather {Clock}

In a dusty, dark corner of a very old house,
sits the tall, wooden worn out clock.
It has seen its share of memories and pain,
keeping perfect time with a tick and a tock.
-The Grandfather Clock



When it comes to making a home, creating an environment that is memorable, filled with happiness, I have always felt that enchanting sights, fascinating sounds and delicious aromas will bring fond memories as children grow older … do we not all have a favorite aroma that brings back childhood memories? The smell of gingersnap cookies baking in your mother’s oven … the aroma of fresh bread, golden brown and ready to melt in your mouth, cooling on the kitchen counter …¬† the sounds of your family’s favorite music being played on the piano … the whispering wind in the trees outside your bedroom window …memories of watching flickering fireflies while sitting on the cool front porch in the summer …
When we found our sweet cuckoo clock a few years ago in a thrift store, we were fascinated with the darling song it sung, the enchanting way it kept time for us. It brought a new sound – one that will be remembered as part of our family and the passing of time in our own day- to our noisy life.

Since then, old clocks have been something of interest to us.

Browsing through kijiji recently, I came across a lovely old Grandfather clock, up for sale for a very low price, near my husband’s workplace. With just one visit to look at the discarded grandfather clock and a handshake later, we found a new {old} family member being moved into our dining room.


It was an exciting night as Abby and I carried in the big, heavy clock, wrapped in a large quilt, as a surprise for the family. Everything was in working condition – except the chimes. We called the local clock maker (who was extremely fascinating and friendly) who came to our home, dismantled our grandfather clock one snowy winter evening, wrapped it back up in a large quilt for protection and whisked it away for a cleanup and repair.

Two weeks later, our new friend, the clock maker returned  on yet another windy-snow-filled evening with the repaired-cleaned-up body of our old grandfather clock.

And with much excitement and anticipation, we heard it chiming for the first time in our home.








It chimes every 15 minutes – which is lovely! You surely realize how much time you sadly waste or make good use of during the day as you listen to the music played every quarter.

Welcome to the family, Grandfather Clock.