Stitches of Love

Lately, as the weather has turned a bit cooler and Autumn embraces the November chill, the girls and I have been indoors a bit more. This means more time to pick up the crochet needles, knitting needles and looms on those grey afternoons of quietly sitting by the fire. Sometime we listen to audio stories, other times we can watch a movie during our crochet/knitting, but sometimes I just find the girls picking up their projects as they please throughout the day.


As our thoughts turn to Christmas, this year, we have decided to knit or crochet (or loom) baby and child hats to send overseas.

The girls are calling their hat project Stitches of Love



{Lyla’s first few hats she created}



We will be sending the little hats to a Salvation Army compound hospital in Zambia – the same compound Abby and I were able to spend some time at when we were first married.
We have also contacted some missionaries in Nepal to see if the hats can be distributed there, as well.


{Lacey’s growing collection of baby hats}

It’s exciting to see the girls creating these little hats with a purpose to bless others!


If you know of any children who would like to create a few hats (or a LOT of hats!)
to send along with our packages,  we want to encourage as many children to participate.
If we could have 10 children knit up 10 hats each, we will have a lovely little parcel to send overseas!
And using a loom does not take long.
It is encouraging and exciting for the children to see their finished work in less than a day.
We could easily reach 100 hats in little time!
Send me an email at gillian @ and we can talk over details. 🙂

Happy Knitting/Crocheting!