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{Free Range} Children

Freckles are beginning to dot little noses, tiny feet are kicking off rubber boots and exploring the grass and sand, imaginations are being used and creativity flourishing … My little brother and hubby made this fabulous swing set for the girls – they just LOVE it … We are *thiiiiiisssssss* close to being done school […]

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Her Little Hymn Book.

She’s only three but she loves to hold the new baby … each night, during story time, Lovelyn cuddles her little sister and holds on to her tightly … she is very gentle, very quiet with the little bundle in her arms, sweetly covering the tiny brow with little kisses …   And she calls […]

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Being Still.

The morning sun is shining, the laundry is hanging on the line, my errands in town are done and I’m sitting still – holding Lavender.   My husband has taken some of the girls to town get supplies for the building of our duck house – the ducklings are growing way too fast! They need […]

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